About Allcargo Greens

At Allcargo, we strive to be a part of the solution. Our workforce of 4000 employees is committed to save our environment.
Allcargo Greens is our new initiative to conserve the environment by reducing waste and adopting renewable sources of energy wherever possible. We pledge to do our share to save resources for the future generations. By saving paper, limiting use of plastics, switching lights off whenever possible, working with communities around our facilities and offices on environmental issues, planting more trees and moving to solar energy, we commit to moving logistics to the life-saving green side. We believe it is only together we can work towards a greener future. So, let us all join hands and contribute to our fullest to save our environment.

Our Vision

Building a sustainable environment by transforming our company and our society.

Green ideas to try at home

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Exciting, fun-filled DIY ideas on how to utilize waste and transform it to something useful.

Let's change the world together

Have a wonderful idea? Share it with us, and we'll share it with the world.

Upcoming Activity

We have pledged to care for the nature and undertake several activities.
Look out for them here.

We Plog

Plogging is cleaning up your way while jogging. A fun-filled team building cum CSR activity planned for Allcargo employees in July

Beat Plastic Pollution

Series of e-booklet with ideas and tips to reduce plastic usage at home and offices.

Distribution of Cloth bags

Not just our Allcargo campus, we will be making our neighborhood also plastic-bag free by distributing and encouraging people to replace plastic bags with cloth bag.



Check out for latest blogs on how to nurture the nature.

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