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May 25, 2012: Allcargo Logistics Limited won the contract from Reliance Infrastructure Limited to handle and transport 76 Units of Super Over Dimension Cargo (SODC), from Haldia port (near Kolkata) and Nhave Sheva port to the Sasan site, where Reliance Power is setting up a power plant.

Reliance Power Limited, India's leading Power Utility is setting up the Country's first Ultra Mega Power Project (UMPP) at Sasan in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The project consists of 6 Units, each capable of generating 660 MW (Mega Watts), translating to 3,960 Million Units of Power.

 The execution of this project included transporting individual cargo, including reactors weighing 70 tons, 152 tons de-Aerators, upto 230 tons transformers and 345 tons generator stators.

 25 SODCs had to be transported by barges on the Ganges River up to Zamania (in the state of Uttar Pradesh) located 1,200 km away. And from Zamania by road to the site which was another 350 Km. The other SODCs, including the de-Aerators (each weighing 152 tons and 42 meters in length) had to be transported from Haldia Port by road. All these had to be transported across places where there were no proper roads or jetty at the riverside. En route, the team built causeways and bypasses through rivers, crossed a multitude of railway lines, blasted hill sides to take turns with our long trailers, and moved for over 100 Kms in terrorist infested areas.

But the biggest challenge was the crossing the Son River, which was in spate for the first time in 32 years, due to an overflow of water at a dam located nearby. The project team needed to build a bypass that was strong enough to carry a 345 ton generator stator. They liaisoned with and pursued the local authorities to reduce the waterflow from the dam, so as to build the bypass. It took 1.4 million sandbags with the help of 300+ laborers, dozers, levelers and 4 months to complete this. 

The first Generator Stator Unit crossed the Son river bypass successfully on May 23, 2012. And the balance two have been successfully taken across the river the next day.

Commenting on this, Mr. Shashi Kiran Shetty, Chairman & Managing Director, Allcargo Logistics Limited said, “The project team has done a wonderful job in building this bypass and transporting heavy equipment across the raging river. Congratulations to the team for carrying out such a challenging task successfully”.

With extreme precautionary steps and strategic and systematic planning undertaken by Allcargo, the logistics movement of the generator stator and other equipment are being successfully delivered in an efficient and effective manner.

Allcargo has handled 7 of the 9 Power Projects of Reliance Group in the last 6 years, and is proud to be a lead innovative partner in India's infrastructure and power growth story.

About Allcargo Logistics Limited

Allcargo Logistics Ltd., part of the Avashya Group, is a leading multinational Company providing integrated logistics solutions. The Company offers specialized logistics services across Multimodal Transport Operations, Container Freight Station Operations and Project & Engineering Solutions. Benchmarked quality standards, standardized processes and operation excellence across all the services and facilities, have enabled Allcargo Logistics Ltd. to emerge as the market leader in all these segments.

The Company currently operates out of 142 own offices in 62 countries and gets supported by an even larger network of franchisee offices across the world. Allcargo Logistics Ltd. is today one of India's largest publicly owned logistics companies, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and The National Stock Exchange of India.

With a consolidated turnover of Rs. 3,396 crore, profit after tax of Rs. 233 crore and networth of Rs, 1,466 crore (as on December 31, 2011), Allcargo Logistics Ltd. has demonstrated superior performance and significant growth prospects in the past years, thereby attracting quality investors like The Blackstone Group - one of world's leading private equity firms which holds over 14% stake in the Company.

About the Avashya Group

The Avashya Group has been defined as a corporate that transforms every business it ventures into and brings joy to all its stakeholders. This has been expressed in the tag line "Transformation that Delight". As the organization expands & diversifies into varied industries, they are committed to delivering "Transformation that Delight" in every activity that is embarked upon. This is encapsulated in the logo - The Prism - a device that transforms white light into delightful hues - all equally vibrant yet unique.


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