One of India’s largest Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers faced the challenges of managing an in-house inventory of after-market spare parts to service their dealers across the country. Their major challenge was to build a reliable production line feeding which required a reduction in inventory variance, management of packing material consumption, packing of goods in special packs and preparation of kits.

Our innovation in stores management and order processing led to a reduction in lead time to delivery of goods to dealers.

The customer also recorded an increase in throughput, an increase in sales of spare parts and a reduction in cost of SPD operations.

Facts and Figures

Allcargo efficiently manages 120,000 sq.ft. Facility

  • 4 years, we have consistently met the SLA/ KPI and we are now into the 5th Year
  • SKUs & unit quantity handled - 30,000 and 400,000+ respectively
  • Client Sales increased from INR 216 Cr. per year to INR 360 Cr. in 3 years
  • Stock gross variance reduced from 10 % to less than 1% in 3 years
  • Kitting activity introduced: 250 unique types of kits and 50,000 such kits every month
  • Additional Services added: VOR, Emergency Orders, etc.
  • Order to Despatch Lead time improved from 3 Days to less than a day
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