In Conversation With Indrani Chatterjee, Group CHRO, Allcargo Group

October 31 , 2023

Source: BW People

You've emphasized your role in driving human capital strategy and vision at Allcargo Logistics Ltd. Can you describe a specific instance where you successfully aligned HR strategy with the company's business goals and values? What were the key outcomes of this alignment?
At Allcargo Group, we foster an inclusive environment by encouraging a culture of openness, tolerance, and effective communication. We implement new and more pragmatic strategies to handle any arising issues and promote a heterogeneous workplace that breaks away from monotony. 
Moonlighting is a concern that could potentially conflict with our company's commitment to employee well-being and work-life balance. To address this issue, we introduced the concept of "Part-time," which is essentially a gig-work model that allows employees to engage in part-time work arrangements within the organization.
The key outcomes of this alignment were twofold. First, it helped us reduce potential conflicts between the company and employees who sought additional sources of income. Second, this initiative fostered a more flexible and inclusive work environment. We recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach to compensation was no longer effective, and this change led to increased employee satisfaction and retention. Part-time along with other initiatives such as a flexible compensation policy and distinct career trajectories has had a positive impact on employee well-being, satisfaction and overall business success.



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