September 09 , 2016


A container customized to accommodate a bar, DJ console and lights, signifies that we at Allcargo and ECU Worldwide have lots of fun in what we do and love to share the fun with our customers. The Funtainer took months to get its shape. It will set out on a journey across the world, to visit major ports in major cities across US, Europe, Americas, Australia, Africa and Asia to connect us with our customers in these regions.
Funtainer’s next destination in Fremantle, Australia. Our mascot Captain Funtastic will soon begin his journey to bring Funtainer to connect with each one of you, our business associates and customers for a grand party. 
The fun-filled Funtainer unveiling event opened with thrilling aerial acts. The event saw 400+ customers of Allcargo and ECU Worldwide participate and network with each other.
Dr. Shashi Kiran Shetty, our Chairman, welcomed the guests with a warm speech and set the stage open for vibrant performances. Amidst the 3D mapping, the Funtainer, was thrown open for people to enter it and click selfies.
The Funtainer was prepared at our CFS near JNPT. What first looked like a normal 20’ container, was transformed into this cool container with elements of entertainment. Thus the name Funtainer. Our guests were treated to scrumptious food and drinks while a band performed and engaged with them. We have also partnered with Grow Tress to plant trees in the name of every guest as a return gift. Token certificates of this initiative were given away to all the guests who participated in the Funtainer launch event.
Bringing you some glimpses from the event as it progressed.
Captain Funtastic will soon set out with the Funtainer for Fremantle, Australia.