What makes Project Logistics so important and unique?

August 16 , 2021 | CATEGORY : SERVICES

In this rapidly progressing world, challenges come in all shapes and sizes. When the cargo goes Out Of Gauge (OOG) or you have to deliver it to a location that seems too remote, project logistics solutions step in to ease your worries. With a tailor-made plan by experts customized to your needs, project logistics offers viable and streamlined ways to move your cargo to its desired destination.

Over the past few decades, many industries including construction, aerospace, renewable energy, defence and petrochemicals have become increasingly reliant on project logistics to function. This article sheds light on what project logistics is, what makes it so important and how, over the years, it has expanded logistics to make it more than shipping containers:

What is Project Logistics?

Project logistics steps into the picture when businesses have logistics requirements for shipping unique cargo. The shipment may include movement of heavy machinery, complex equipment or Out Of Gauge (OOG) cargo that requires a well-engineered solution to be moved from point A to point B. This may consist of a single cargo or multiple shipments with varied volumes and sizes.

Project logistics involves intricate planning and management. There is no scope for processes to be left to chance. Consistent planning and communication between the customer and the project logistics services provider are a must as it requires special care and the right equipment to deliver on the needs of the customer.

Expertise Becomes a Must-Have!

A major aspect in the functioning of project logistics relies on the expertise of your logistics partner and hence the expertise of the people involved. With a unique challenge to conquer every time, best practices can surely help but they are not enough. It is important for you to have experts on your side who meticulously plan every stage of transportation.

The value added by the experts at your logistics company not only instills confidence in you and helps you trust the process but also makes this cumbersome process efficient.

Specialized Planning:

While the involvement of experts can help you reap manifold benefits, it is critical to have all the contributors in the process on the same page before the execution even begins. This makes pre-planning an integral part of project logistics as it helps in catering to specific challenges that come bundled with transportation of the cargo.

Some over-dimensional shipments may require special safety measures or a different mode of transportation whereas some others might not do so well with hilly terrains on road and require a completely different route.

In such instances, pre-planning helps you deal with various variables beforehand and manage the associated risks effectively. It also helps you develop contingencies in case of unprecedented events.

Safety and Compliances:

Advanced planning has paved your path. Now when you move towards execution, the project cargo may often call for special compliances, customs and other paperwork to take care of owing to the size, nature or volume of the cargo. An experienced team at your logistics partner’s end is a requisite here. A that has worked on a similar scale of projects before might smoothen the process, leaving very little to the last minute.

Compared to the usual cargo, the project cargo demands additional checks and safety measures. The execution process kicks off with a thorough check of cargo, vessel and route. A single factor out of place can increase the transportation time or cost dramatically. Many times unfavourable weather conditions or infrastructural problems in terms of roads or bridges not being strong enough for the cargo can lead to additional challenges. It is important that your logistics services provider is adept at even handling construction, erection and demolition of temporary bridges, walls, etc. to move cargo safety, with care and with all the right documentation and permissions in place.

Unconventional Vehicles, Solutions and Equipment

When an Out of Gauge cargo is shipped, it is not just the cargo that is out of the box! Taking gigantic and delicate items that at times weigh thousands of tons, from one place to another involves many out of the box solutions.

Right from cargo design and placement to the use of vehicles that enable the movement of these cargo. The process involves a lot of modular equipment that can accommodate the changing loads. Road transportation might involve advance surveys, closure of vehicular traffic, police escorts and a range of things that are beyond the usual logistics.

Only an experienced logistics provider can ensure factory-to-foundation deliveries, on-schedule and with efficiency to make sure that important infrastructure, power, renewable energy, shore-based management for oil and natural gas sector and other projects continue as planned to contribute to our development and progress.

Right logistics partner goes a long way…

Logistics may not be an exact science. It is more about assessing and managing the variables efficiently. The better you are at managing them, the easier it becomes to handle the process.

Managing complex and extensive projects becomes hassle-free when you partner with the right logistics provider. At Allcargo Logistics, we are experienced in handling highly complicated projects and deliver quality services all around the world.

No matter how inaccessible your project site or challenging your project may seem, with our extensive experience and high-end equipment, we are always ready to take up the challenge.