Defending Earth

Our planet is more water than land, a gleaming, glistening blue aqueous marble from space. All that water, seas, oceans, rivers, lakes .... it is a large part of the cycle of life on our planet. It sustains life as we know it, and if predictions from studies are anything to go by, it is a giant reservoir of all kinds of harvestable natural resources which could effortlessly sustain all of us for centuries to come. Even today scientists surmise we have not tapped any of the minerals trapped at the bottom of the ocean.

Come to think of it, if we were not from Earth and studying Earth from elsewhere, we would envy Earth the vast natural resources locked into its biggest natural resource.

What has humankind done with its water? You'd think we would guard it with our lives. The It appears now that we're doing a very efficient job of destroying it. The water that has escaped the industrial progress of our planet has escaped only because it is farthest from humans!
While the cycles of things is geared for regeneration, can we regenerate the oceans forever?
Take glaciers, now proven to be retreating. Their melting spells catastrophic doom for their immediate surroundings and the alteration in sea levels around the world.

The melting polar caps are dangerous to their immediate surroundings and fauna but also the changing sea levels on earth.

Back home, here in India, Gaumukh, the glacier that gives birth to the Ganga, has retreated more than 1,500 metres in the last 70 years.

Our oceans are full of plastic refuse. Marine life is choking painfully on it. Our species is also literally drowning in it.

Plastic, for all the abuse heaped on it, just gets more and more versatile. Part of its appeal and value is its durability but it is so indestructible, with its lifespan of hundreds of years, the simple water bottles that we so thoughtlessly discard will stay around causing severe damage for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.

We are not borrowing resources from future generations, we are stealing from them. Whatever the natural resources we are consuming we are consuming at a breath-taking speed, with no thought to the future. The modern, hyper-convenient lifestyle we enjoy we are paying for twice over, and will keep paying for down the generations. What we wouldn't do with our possessions we do unhesitatingly with our planet.

What is required is a two-pronged approach: an all-out macro response and full commitment from each and every single individual to support it. We're doing exactly that at Allcargo and we will show you how we're doing it in the next blog.