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Lending a helping hand during tough times

Calamities have the power to force people out of their homes, take away livelihoods and even slow down the economy. Through our disaster relief activities, the Avashya Foundation works with NGOs and government agencies to help individuals and families rebuild lives. Our initiatives have involved coordinating with partners and contributing to flood relief funds in states like Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Orissa. In addition, we also inaugurated a water supply project to provide drought relief to a village in Osmanabad, Maharashtra. Our employees in Chennai took it upon themselves to help out during the water crisis and set up a water distribution system in the premises of our Container Freight Station there. Whenever a natural disaster has caused havoc, we have done our best to step up and help out, inspiring many others to do so as well.

Feel free to reach out for details on our activities and more information on how you can partner with us.