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Identifying talented sportspersons across the nation

Sports bind the people of a country together and are also important for socio-economic development. Through the Avashya Foundation, we work towards discovering and nurturing talent, to help make the sportspersons of tomorrow. We support players to get the best training, participate in international tournaments and develop skills so they are equipped to compete with the best. We have supported sportspersons like Chirag Shetty (badminton), Nishita Rao (lawn tennis) and Sachika Balvani (squash) who have gone on to improve their world ranking and bring laurels to the country. Through tie-ups with two UK-based cricket associations, Project Front Foot and Reality Gives, we are introducing underprivileged children to sports like cricket. Our recently launched Dharavi Cricket Club aims to provide cricket coaching to budding cricketers in Dharavi, Mumbai.

Be a sport and reach out to collaborate and make a difference.