Avashya Foundation has been actively working towards empowering communities through various CSR initiatives. 

With a focus towards sustainable development, including economic, social and environmental, the foundation reaches out to thousands of beneficiaries through their work in the areas of environment, education and health.

We strive and foster for the upliftment of the downtrodden and underprivileged sections of the society.


This is the goal we strive for: to give back in generous measure to the community that we operate in.


Actively support the social development of underprivileged, destitute, economically challenged and helpless citizens.


Take each CSR initiative beyond philanthropy and promote people centric inclusive development with the active participation of the community at all levels.



"I believe, as capable human beings it is our responsibility and duty to extend our hand to everyone in need, to make one’s life more enriching, healthy, educated, full of hope and dreams. Everyone can make a lasting difference if we just try to do something extra for someone who needs guidance."
- Arathi Shetty, Non-Executive Director

  • Environment

    Our focus is to introduce safer and more efficient solutions to ensure environmental well-being. The way forward for us is consistent innovation for environment conservation and enrichment.

    Avashya Foundation organizes environmental awareness sessions among employees and in the community to create awareness about environment challenges, conservation and an active role that one can play in environmental protection.

    We built 8 toilets in 8 schools in Maharashtra and Karnataka by providing much needed access to sanitation to over 2,000 students and consequently contributed to improving sanitation facilities and drop out of girl children.

    We are constantly adopting environment-friendly technologies, providing solar lamps to students who do not have electricity. As a part of this initiative, solar lamps were also distributed among tribal students in Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai.

    Our focus on the environment has helped us reach out to more than 4,500 beneficiaries.

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  • Education

    We believe every child has the right to learn and excel in his/her preferred field. Therefore, opportunities should be made available to children to pursue education.

    We aim to improve access to quality education through technological as well as human support. We have supported close to 7,000 beneficiaries through our initiatives focusing on education.

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  • Empowering Women

    We aim to promote gender equality in our society by undertaking various initiatives to empower women and make them financially self-reliant. Our endeavour is to raise the self-esteem of women and instill a sense of security in them.

    In collaboration with the Sahachari Foundation, Avashya Foundation has supported the innovative project of cabs by women, for women in Delhi.

    Avashya Foundation in collaboration with Women’s India Trust has supported Auxiliary Nursing Course at the Kamila Tyabji WIT Centre, Panvel benefiting over 55 girl students from Maharashtra.

    The Kaushalya project provided skilled-based and entrepreneurship based training to women in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. Over 1,807 deserving women were trained in the areas of BPO, Retail Sales Management, Medical and Nursing, Information Technology, food processing and beauty and wellness.

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  • Disaster Relief
    Disaster Relief

    We help victims of natural calamities with relief intervention. We believe it is our primary responsibility to help people in times of need.

    Avashya Foundation inaugurated a water supply project in the drought hit Erla village of Osmanabad district of Maharashtra in collaboration district administration. 40000 liters water provided every day to 2,488 residents of the village over 5 months.

    In coordination with Goonj, FHSM Avashya Foundation has supported Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh and Tamilnadu flood relief operations and contributed in rebuilding lives of the people in the region.

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  • Health Care
    Health Care

    We support both preventive and curative healthcare in the community. Holistic interventions are planned to address twin challenges of affordability and accessibility in Public Health.

    Through our various healthcare initiatives, we have been able to reach out to more than 28,000 beneficiaries.

    Avashya Foundation in collaboration with Alert India has been implementing Leprosy Elimination Action Programme (LEAP) in 7 Primary Health Center (PHC) of Uran area of New Mumbai. The project provides services to over 1,500 patients, addressing social stigma, working on prevention of the disability and creating awareness in the community on myths related to Leprosy.

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  • Sports

    We enthusiastically work towards discovering and nurturing talent to make the sportspersons of tomorrow.

    In a bid to promote sports in the country, Avashya Foundation has tied up with two UK-based cricket associations, Project Front Foot and Reality Gives. These associations help us reach out to underprivileged children and introduce them to sports like Cricket.

    The partnerships have resulted in the formation of the Dharavi Cricket Club that Avashya Foundation launched last year. The objective of this initiative is to provide cricket coaching and develop budding cricketers in Dharavi, Mumbai.

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Durgesh Manikrao Bholankar coping with cancer

Durgesh Manikrao Bholankar Coping with cancer

Jeevan - Coping with Cancer center gives life to those who have given up hope. We could not afford higher medical cost of cancer treatment and delay in medicines could have cost Durgesh his life. We are eternally grateful to The Avvashya Foundation for their help”

Durgesh Manikrao Bholankar was 3 and half years old boy from Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. His father, Manikrao Bholankar owned 1.5 acres of un-irrigated land which produces just enough to meet domestic consumption needs of the family.

Durgesh Manikrao Bholankar was just about 4 years old when his health began to deteriorate. He would get frequent fevers and visiting the local doctor would only provide temporary relief. He was beginning to develop a limp which became a cause for concern for his family, in spite of seeking expert opinion of the doctor, Durgesh was not diagnosed correctly.

Eventually his family was advised to consult an Orthopedic, who asked the family to arrange 30,000 INR as medical expenses. The family could not afford the treatment and had to resort to selling off their produce of maize and cotton and borrowing money.

Things did not get better from there, when it was suspected that Durgesh might have cancer and would have to go to Tata Memorial Hospital to receive treatment

The family was in a state of shock and shattered emotionally as future of Durgesh was uncertain. Although, his medical condition was adverse, his family did not lose hope and confidence in the Medical Oncologist, Dr Purvi Kadakia at Nair Hospital.

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Sustainability in Education: Accompanying Pooja in her journey of hope

“Without Avashya Foundation, Pooja would not have been able to realize her dreams. We thank you for building the foundation for her, so that she can support herself in the future.”

Pooja Prakash Ghorde is the only daughter to her parents, both of whom suffer from partial blindness.

Since birth, Pooja faced eye problems. By the time she entered school; her parents had already taken to various eye doctors and exhausted their resources in her surgeries.

Pooja had a troubled school life. At the tender age she had to struggle for admission and also had to face discrimination. At the age of six, when Pooja tried to seek admission in the nearby school, the school authorities suggested that she join a special school for the blind.

But special schools refused too, on the grounds that her one of her eye was in a good condition.

Finally, with the help of area social worker, Pooja got admission in New English School Vasai.

Despite of all this difficulties, Pooja continued her studies with strong determination. Pooja’s unrelenting hard work which helped her scored distinction in SSC examination and got admission in first year in Vartak College Vasai.

After her SSC, Pooja required tuitions, which would cost her Rs. 37000/-

Her father managed to pay only 7000/- in a first year and the remaining amount was compensated by a trust fund.

However, in the second year, the trust fund failed to support Pooja because of change in trust rules and regulations. Pooja now required further support in order to cover expenses for tuition classes.

At this crucial juncture, Pooja received scholarship from The Avvashya Foundation.

Pooja’s family feels, it would have been not possible for them to provide quality education and consequently provide her an opportunity to fair well, without the support of the foundation.

The scholarship helped her secure 71% marks in HSC.

Currently, Pooja is perusing B.Com in Banking and Insurance and harbors ambition of becoming an officer with the Bank. The family believes that support from Allcargo would be crucial in fulfilling dream of Pooja of becoming Officer in the bank and would play instrumental role in altering their economic condition and pave way for dignified life in the future.

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Durgesh Manikrao Bholankar coping with cancer


An effort by Allcargo Logistics and the Avashya Foundation, Nipun is aimed at skill development for the youth from the drought-affected areas of Maharashtra. The training they receive from Nipun will help them build their careers, leading to financial stability.

Under this initiative Avashya Foundation has trained candidates in light and heavy motor vehicle category. Under the driving program we have successfully provided employment to 40% of the trained youth.

Expanding its skill based training; the foundation has also launched training in unarmed security guards in partnership with Stealth Management Solutions Private Limited, which is affiliated with Security Sector Skill Development Council (SSSDC) under National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Training would be linked with Phase II of Pradhanmantri Kaushalya Vikas Yojna (PMKVY).

It intends to create economic empowerment in the lives of trainees by imparting training and provide placement support. Under the Stealth partnership we have trained youth in two batches and provided employment to 70% of trained youth successfully. The deserving youth would be trained in a year and provided placement linkages and support.


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A project undertaken by Allcargo Logistics and Avashya Foundation, Maitree aims to improve the environment, by increasing the green cover in our country, while at the same time offering a fruitful source of livelihood to the tribal and economically backward communities of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Maitree reaches out to a large number of families from under-developed and tribal regions to be part of this initiative. School children are encouraged to be ambassadors of the programme and they are trained to ensure Maitree flourishes.

Fast-growing fruit trees like Custard Apple, Guava, Chikoo, Mangoes, Bananas and Oranges are taking root in the areas of Jawahar, Mokhada, Khalapur, Karjat, Mumbai and Uran. Over 2,39,000 fruit bearing trees have been planted by over 4,500 beneficiaries in last two years

Maitree intends to plant 10 lakh trees over the next five years.

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